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anGostura stems from the desire to evoke tribe and ancient eras.

Angostura is a concentrated bitter obtained by the infusion of cloves, gentian root, cardamom, extract of bitter oranges and cinchona in a 44.7% alcoholic mixture.

Its invention is due to doctor Johann Siegert, a Prussian military physician enrolled in Simon Bolivar’s Liberation Army. After years of research on tropical plants, in 1824 he developed his “bitters” medical use. Angostura became known all over the world thanks to the sailors that, leaving from the homonymous city, brought the bitters with them as a remedy to the illnesses of the long journeys. Over the years the use of Angostura took different paths, landing behind the bat counters where it became a key ingredients of many famous cocktails.

It’s from this last identity that Giulia Tavani took inspiration to baptise its brand “anGostura”.  A way to give her jewels that bitter touch fundamental to truly enjoy life’s real taste and style.

In 100% brass plated, silver 925 and gold 9kt and 18kt , the jewels by the roman designer reinterpret classical shapes and materials, dressing up fingers, ears and body with originality and determination.


Distancing itself from the idea of the jewel as a sparkling fancy, angostura goes for a sharper approach, sometimes unpolished but always generated from an innovative idea that never neglects a single detail. Like wearable statements, anGostura jewels underline the personality of who chooses to wear them.

The jewels are talismans, amulets, inspired by dreams of an indigenous culture from an unidentified past.

They are sculptural findings that reemerge from the past; they were owned and forgotten in deep waters and far away sands by ancient mysterious gods. This specific type jewel, infact chooses its owner.

Each jewel is handmade and created upon order, making each jewel a unique creation.
Every small imperfection is precious and characteristic of the piece;

every flaw adds to the jewel’s value.