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Symbiosis is any type of close and long-term interaction between two different biological organisms.

Symbiosis is necessary, a relationship in which one or both of the symbionts entirely depend on the other for survival.

This is what the collection wants to represent: Jewels as not just ornaments but parts of the human body and without them we can’t really feel ourselves and we can’t fulfill our true nature.

The collection consists of two mini collections (one darker and the other one more fashion), and it also includes a collaboration with hats and wigs designer, Ilaria Soncini (Ilariusss). In the collection you will find two hats in which mine and her vision of symbiosis are displayed.

In symbiosis the close relationship between the organisms does not always benefit one of the two: sometimes it enriches both, other times it impoverishes them by sucking up most of the lifeblood (reducing it to a skeleton) turning into parasitism.